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Business Bloggers Beware

With the exciting launch of our new website, here at 3volution we have been thinking about the benefits and drawbacks to a business in setting up a website and using blogs, twitter and other social media to promote itself. 

A quick Google search will produce no end of articles and research highlighting the positive effects of using such media, in terms of engaging with existing clients, attracting new ones and generally marketing your business to a potential audience of millions of people every day. An example of this is a recent marketing survey which suggests that 77% of consumers say they are more likely to buy from a business whose CEO uses social media than one whose doesn’t.

But it's not #alicencetoprintmoney. Another survey suggest that 75% of business owners have been "put off" a particular business due to the poor use of social media and, if that weren't bad enough, getting the message wrong may not just lose you business, it may positively cost you cash. 

In the recent case of Cairns v Modi, Lalit Modi, a former Chairman and Commissioner of the Indian Premier League found himself paying Chirs Cairns, a former New Zealand international cricketer, £90,000 because of a tweet in which he accused Cairns of match-fixing. Our own defamation expert, Samantha Wragg, is witnessing an increasing number of libel cases citing the use of social media and will be detailing these in an article soon, so watch this space!  

And if that hasn't put you off, as well as keeping an eye on content, you need to make sure that you get the basics right.   Any commercial website should have a set of terms & conditions governing its use and a privacy policy setting out how data collected through the website is to be stored. You also need to comply withthe new Regulations governing the use of cookies. Despite these being well-publicised, our IT/IP team are still seeing a lot non-compliance and confusion over their implementation. Check out our earlier blog.

There's no doubt that websites and social media can be used to great effect to enhance the reputation of your business, but when exploiting these mediums you must be mindful of the potential consequences.

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