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We've put together a simple index of 3volution's main areas of expertise.  Within each area, you will find a brief synopsis of our core skills and competencies. This is by no means exhaustive but should provide a good idea of what we do well.

  1. Commercial Law


    Contracts form a vital part of a commercial relationship and should never be entered into without expert advice.  We provide a wide range of services, and can do as little or as much as is required, be that drafting, reviewing or negotiating terms on your behalf.

    Areas of specialism include:

    • Terms & Conditions
    • Trade and Consumer Agreements
    • Supplier Agreements
    • Distribution Agreements
    • Agency Agreement.


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  2. Commercial Litigation


    Commercial Litigation has a reputation for being expensive, but it need not be.  We believe in working with our clients to minimise costs and to achieve an early resolution wherever possible.

    We deal with all forms of dispute resolution including court proceedings.  Our areas of expertise include:

    • Contractual Disputes
    • Shareholder Disputes
    • Company Disputes
    • Property Disputes
    • Claims against solicitors, accountants, surveyors, and other professional advisers
    • Alternative Dispute Resolution, including Mediation and Arbitration.

    We also advise in other specialist contentious areas including Financial Services Disputes, Reputation Management and Defamation and Pensions Litigation.

    In appropriate cases we may agree to act on a contingent "no win, no fee" basis, such as a conditional fee agreement.


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  3. Corporate

    Companies, Partnerships & Sole Traders

    Our area of specialism lies in the support of SME’s and issues that are particular to this group of businesses.  We have a well-established reputation for providing the right level of support – whether you are a new start-up, growing and expanding, raising new funding, restructuring, exiting or are in need of on-going advice.

    Our corporate team can provide the following services:

    • Business sales and purchases
    • The funding of business through debt or equity structures
    • The amalgamation, merger, reconstruction and restructuring of businesses
    • Shareholder agreements
    • Share schemes, share options and share buy-backs
    • Advice to directors in relation to their duties
    • Management buy-outs
    • Venture capital and private equity transactions
    • Joint venture agreements
    • Statutory and regulatory compliance and governance issues
    • Crowdfunding

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  4. Employment

    We provide our clients with the full range of employment law services to ensure best practice and reducing the risk of claims. Our employment law services include advising about:

    • recruitment practices, drafting employment contracts and offers,
    • support with day-today employment issues such as disciplinary action against employees, grievances and performance issues,
    • training your managers about how to handle most employment issues that they are likely to have to deal with,
    • reviewing and drafting policies and procedures,
    • TUPE processes and the drafting and negotiation of the employment provisions of commercial contracts,
    • contractual change programmes,
    • restructuring and redundancy,
    • project management support with large-scale projects including co-ordinating overseas advice where required,
    • compromise agreements and other termination advice,
    • advice about employee confidentiality and post-termination covenants,
    • support with Employment Tribunal claims, including representation at hearings.

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  5. Finance

    We act for lenders and borrowers on many types of commercial finance transactions including acquisition finance, property finance and other asset finance.

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  6. Financial Services Disputes

    The recent scrutiny of the world's banking practices has resulted in a rising demand for advice in relation to the inadequate provision of financial services.  Our litigation team has a wide range of experience in advising clients on:

    • complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service 
    • claims against banks and other financial services providers (in particular, complaints and/or claims by businesses relating to mis-sold products including interest rate swaps, structured collars and caps)
    • claims against independent financial advisers


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  7. Information Technology

    We specialise in I.T. Contracts

    We provide a wide range of advice for businesses that are investing in IT and need to ensure that they have the right contracts, service level agreements and terms and conditions in place.

    We deal with the following areas:

    • SaaS agreements (Software as a Service) - SME’s are increasingly investing large sums of money in IT systems, but often fail to negotiate SAAS agreements that protect their business should relations with suppliers change.  Our role is to ensure that our clients interests (in the short and longer term) are protected through their SAAS agreements
    • On-line Terms and Conditions - we provide advice on best practice, Consumer Law, UK and European directives and will construct T&C’s that specifically suit the needs of on-line businesses (for both B2B and B2C)
    • Website Development and Hosting Agreements
    • Implementation Agreements
    • Agile contracts

    I.T. Litigation

    Even the most ideal business relationship can go wrong.  We utilise our extensive expertise in IT contracts and work with our clients to resolve disputes as early, quickly and as cost effectively as possible, often succeeding in salvaging a key relationship.  Where this is not possible, we effectively guide our clients through any necessary litigation in order to minimise the disruption to the business which inevitably occurs where the breakdown of such a key relationship arises.


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  8. Intellectual Property

    Protecting your assets

    Successful companies realise the importance of protecting their commercial assets.  For innovative companies, these commercial assets can often reside in the form of registered and unregistered intellectual property such as trade marks, copyright, design rights, patents and confidential information.  We understand the importance of these assets to our clients' businesses and can provide the necessary support and advice to ensure they are protected and exploited so as to maximise their value to you.  We do this by advising in relation to:

    • Identifying what IP you have
    • Registration of trade marks and designs
    • Branding advice
    • Resolving IP disputes
    • Enforcing or defending your IP rights
    • Licensing and assigning IP to maximise its commercial value
    • Collaboration agreements and R&D Agreements


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  9. Pensions Litigation

    Our specialist team has the requisite experience to deal with all issues arising from pension schemes and has acted in a number of landmark cases including the recent Supreme Court decision in the Imperial Home Decor case (Bridge Trustees -v- Yates).

    We act for trustees, employers and members and have extensive experience of dealing with the following:.

    • the construction and rectification of trust deeds and rules
    • equalisation problems
    • surplus, deficit and other funding issues
    • professional negligence claims against pensions advisers including scheme administrators, actuaries, professional trustees and solicitors
    • breach of trust claims against trustees
    • complaints before the Pensions Ombudsman
    • Alternative dispute resolution, including mediation.



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  10. Property Litigation

    Our specialist team has a wealth of experience advising businesses, individuals and other property professionals on all manner of commercial, residential and agricultural property issues, including professional negligence claims against property advisers. Some of these issues arise out of disputes and some are more strategic in nature. We act for landlords, tenants, developers, land owners, letting agents, investors and other law firms across the UK and across a range of sectors, with particular expertise in the rail sector.

    Our comprehensive range of services includes:

    Landlord & Tenant Services

    • Possession
    • Dilapidations
    • Rent and Service Charge recovery
    • Deposits
    • Break notices
    • Business lease renewals
    • Leasehold enfranchisement
    • Insolvency
    • Requests to assign, sublet and for change of use
    • HMO compliance

    Owner Services

    • Squatters
    • Professional negligence
    • Adverse Possession
    • Rights of Way
    • Access for repairs
    • Trust disputes
    • Boundary disputes
    • Nuisance (including injunctions)
    • Land contamination
    • Dangerous buildings

    Development issues

    • Village green and planning issues
    • Ransom strips
    • Compulsory purchase
    • Sale, overage and development contract disputes
    • Right to Light
    • Restrictive covenants

    Enforcement of Security

    • Mortgage repossession
    • Removal of Land Charges
    • Charging Orders
    • Orders for Sale
    • Freezing Injunctions

    Whilst most law firms insist on charging clients by the hour regardless of the “value” added by their services, we have a creative approach to funding and are often open to working on a fixed or contingent fee basis. In high value or complex cases, we are open to sharing litigation risk with clients and have access to litigation funders and “after the event” insurance providers. In some cases we may be willing to act on a “no win, no fee” basis. We also have a creative approach when it comes to resolving property disputes quickly and cost effectively. The majority of our disputes are settled by negotiation or be some form of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation or expert determination, but we are fully equipped to take swift and decisive action through the courts (if necessary to trial) where that suits our client’s objectives.

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  11. Reputation Management and Defamation

    We understand that reputation means everything to our clients.  We have a wide expertise in assisting our clients to maintain the integrity of their names and brands by providing reputation management advice including:

    • pre-emptive action prior to the publication of material by broadcasters or publishers, with a number of successful outcomes in the amendment of material before publication
    • advising on potential injunctive relief where appropriate to prevent publication
    • setting out the options available in relation to publications containing defamatory statements and/or malicious falsehoods
    • achieving negotiated settlements of disputes, including retractions and apologies, where possible to achieve our clients' objectives, and pursuing litigation where appropriate

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